We are pleased you stopped by and we are glad to help you get to know us. Hixson Presbyterian Church (HPC) is a growing family of people who love God, delight in the gospel, enjoy being together and long to impact our community with the love of Christ. For more than 50 years, we have been a witness in the Hixson community proclaiming the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

We are a church that is committed to the Bible as God’s infallible word and, therefore, to Biblical preaching and teaching. Our worship is blended, Christ-centered and gospel saturated. We are striving to be people who are not only learning, but who are growing and seeing our lives changed to be more like Christ. We want to impact the community where we live with the love and power of Christ’s Kingdom.

So whether you’re just looking for some answers or a place to call home, let us introduce you to our family. In worship, children’s and student programs, adult discipleship, outreach and missions, HPC would love to be your place to worship, grow, serve, and belong.

If you are interested in more information about the church, please let us know on our contact page.


When are your services?2022-05-13T10:35:23-04:00

Check the home page for the most up to date information.

How should I dress?2022-05-13T10:35:38-04:00

You might be wondering if we wear suits, jeans, khakis or capris. The answer is yes. First and foremost come as you are. But, just in case you’re wondering how most people around here will be dressed it’s pretty broad. A lot of guys wear khakis or jeans and a polo or button up shirt. Ladies wear jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you, not what you’re wearing.

Do I need to bring anything?2022-05-13T10:35:52-04:00

No. If you want to bring a Bible, feel free to do so. We do provide Bibles. You will find the words to all of our music printed in the bulletin. We also provide hearing aid devices for the hearing impaired.

Can I remain anonymous?2022-05-13T10:51:33-04:00

Absolutely! We realize that some people may want to check out our church without calling attention to themselves. However, if you would, please fill out a Welcome Card and drop it in the collection plate to let us know you were here. There is an option to remain anonymous. Also, please see the visitor table out in the foyer to pick up a free welcome book.

What is the service like?2022-05-13T10:51:22-04:00

While services vary from week to week, each includes worship with congregational singing, announcements, special music, a message, offering, and prayer.

What is the music like?2022-05-13T10:51:06-04:00

We combine a balance of old and new in a contemporary praise setting. That means you’ll hear a blend of ancient and modern hymns along with more modern choruses. From week to week you’ll be led by the choir, worship teams, and different sets of instrumentalists.

What does the church believe?2022-05-13T10:44:58-04:00

We believe that the Bible is uniquely God-inspired and without error. We believe that there is one God, eternally existing in three persons — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth and voluntarily paid for our sin by dying on the cross as our substitute. He then rose again, conquering death. This allows eternal salvation for all who receive grace by trusting in Him alone.  Read more about what we believe.

How do I get there?2022-05-25T13:24:48-04:00

Hixson Presbyterian Church is located just south of Thrasher Pike off of Hixson Pike on Jackson Mill Dr. You can find our location and directions the bottom of this page.

Where should I park?2022-05-13T10:43:34-04:00

There is parking in the main lot on the Hixson Pike side of the church as well as additional spots in the back. In case of inclimate weather or special needs, feel free to drop family members off under the covered breezeway.

Where do I enter the building?2022-05-13T10:43:12-04:00

From the parking area, enter the church under the covered breezeway or through the sets of double doors in the front.

Where do I go once inside the building?2022-05-13T10:42:54-04:00

As you enter the building, we have hospitality hosts who will be glad to help you with any questions you have or directions you need. Our ushers will assist you in finding a seat and will provide you with a program for our service.

Where do my kids go?2022-05-26T17:05:53-04:00

HPC has a wonderful program for kids of all ages (nursery, children, and student). While the parents are enjoying the service, the kids are learning about God at their level in a creative environment with trained staff. Check in with a hospitality host in the lobby to find the right classroom for your children.

How do I contact the church?2022-05-13T10:40:51-04:00

You can find all the contact information on our contact page including our hours, phone number, location and email address.

How do I become a member?2022-05-13T10:39:54-04:00

We offer an HPC 101 weekend to introduce you to Hixson Presbyterian Church.

How do I learn more about receiving eternal life?2022-05-13T10:39:28-04:00

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Do you question why you are here and what is your purpose? You’ve come to the right place. Those answers are found within the Gospel message. You’ll hear this and other truths each Sunday you visit us. You can also click here to find the answer right now.


Learn more about our purpose and philosophy of worship and why we do what we do!


God’s Word is at the center of all that we do.

children + students

We have opportunities for all ages on Sunday morning to engage with the Word of God.  Please check out the links below for more information.


sunday school




children’s church


sunday school

1450 Jackson Mill Dr.
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