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In supporting our missionaries, we invited you to join us in prayer for them and their nations by using the Global outreach wall and monthly prayer list.

Greg and Tricia Baney

MNA, Church Planting, sharing hope with Native people through the good news of God.

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Joe and Beverly Fitzpatrick
MTW, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Training pastors

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John and Penny Freeman

Harvest USA, Philadelphia.

Proclaiming Christ as Lord to a sexually broken world.

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Bob and Ann Henriques
Camino Global, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Training pastors.

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Darlene Johnson
MTW, Nagoya, Japan.
Assisting with church planting, teaching English as a second language.

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Scott and Kristin Livermore
CRU High School, Indianapolis.
Outreach to high school students.

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Marc and Aline Mailloux
MTW, Pompano Beach, FL
Pastoral teaching ministry in South Florida and the Caribbean.

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Tim and Rhianna Mills
MTW, Bangkok, Thailand.
Church planting, student outreach, teaching.

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Victor & Nosizo Nakah
MTW, Africa. Church Development.

Andy and Kathy Napier
Members of HPC, TWR, North Carolina.
Bringing awareness of world missions to American Christians.

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Keith & Ruth Powlison
Contact for Radio Amauta, Huanta, Peru.

David and Eowyn Stoddard
MTW, Berlin. Church planting, seminary teaching.

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Carolyn Thompson
LOGOI, Miami, FL.
Assisting in training pastors in Latin America.

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