• HPC Kids Winter Newsletter

    HPC Kids Winter Newsletter

PK4 – 1st Grade


Sunday mornings 10:45am

Church worship services, unlike personal quiet times of Bible study and prayer, is a communal experience. We welcome and desire for children to be part of the worship service. Many parents choose to have their younger children remain in the service in its entirety. We also offer children’s church during the worship service for families who want that opportunity for their children. Our goal is to equip kids with the knowledge of the elements of our worship while also guiding them in a time of rich teaching that will speak to their hearts. It is an experience designed to prepare children to engage in lifelong participation in worship. We use Teach Me to Worship curriculum which is very intentional in teaching the children about the elements of worship.

Children’s church is a split service opportunity. Families will begin worship together in the Sanctuary and at the offeratory time the children will be dismissed to line up with the teacher. They will be escorted to the children’s wing to continue in worship. They will remain there until parents come to pick them up at the end of the service.