• HPC Kids Winter Newsletter

    HPC Kids Winter Newsletter

3 and under


We strive to minister God’s love to our little ones and their families by providing a safe and loving environment for our children. We do this through loving interaction, maintaining health and safety standards, and praying for our children and families. We desire any child who is in our care to see church as a happy and loving place.

Our nursery ministry team works towards these goals each week by praying, planning Bible-based activities, loving children, and encouraging parents. Our goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for our programming to happen. Please partner with us to provide this environment by following sign-in and out procedures, informing us of any allergies or additional information, and labeling all personal items such as diaper bags, bottles, etc. If your child has any special needs, please let us know and we will be happy to work together in providing for your family.

Our Nursery Ministry Team

Our nursery ministry team consists of paid staff as well as volunteers. Our paid staff offers consistency in order to build relationships with our littlest ones and to maintain safety standards. All diapering and special needs are taken care of by the paid staff enabling the volunteer to assume responsibilities like reading a story, building blocks, singing, rocking a baby, etc. The children receive the blessing of love and attention while our volunteers receive the blessing of getting to know these precious children. If you would like to be part of our ministry team as a paid nursery worker or volunteer, please contact Alisa Gillis.

We Are Hiring!

Interested in applying for a paid nursery staff or nursery assistant position?

Nursery Staff

Must be 18 yrs old

Nursery Assistant

Must be 16 yrs old