• Sept 2023

    Beholding the Great Deliverer, Becoming a Deliverer

    How is Jesus the true and better Moses and how does that impact the way we study Exodus?  Why did Moses have to behold God’s glory to become what God purposed him to be?  How can you learn more about “Beholding & Becoming” this year?  Learn more in this newsletter.

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Past Newsletters

  • April 2023

    Seeds for Sowing

    On Saturday, April 29, we learned what it means to use our spiritual gifts as seeds for sowing to nourish the bodies of others. We also learned some great gardening tips and made our own hanging baskets!

  • March 2023

    Discipleship Day Retreat

    We had a day retreat at HPC on March 18, 2023 from 9a – 4p. Jamie Voss was our speaker (Women’s Ministry Director at Perimeter Church) and we enjoyed learning from her about discipleship.

  • February 2023

    Faithful Stewards

    Faithful Stewards God has given us spiritual gifts to be used to encourage the body of Christ and to magnify Him. But what keeps us from using those gifts? And how can we find out what our gifts are? We will explore this together. Don’t miss the end where I’ll encourage you to fill out the online Spiritual Gifts Assessment by Perimeter Church.

  • January 2023

    Head, Heart, Hands of Hospitality

    In this newsletter, you’ll find photos and a teaching video from our Hospitali-tea event where we learned about Biblical Hospitality. You’ll also find information about the upcoming bible studies and book club as well as a March Day Retreat at HPC and resources for growth.

  • Christmas 2022

    The Gift of Love

    Merry Christmas from the Women’s Ministry! In this newsletter, you’ll find photos of our Christmas events and a devotion on the Gift of Love from 1 Peter 4:8. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior together.

  • Dec 2022

    For the Sake of Your Prayers

    What does being self-controlled and sober-minded have to do with prayer and why is Peter calling his readers to pray in light of the “end of all things”? And how does this change my prayer life particularly when I’m in a state of prayerlessness? We’ll explore all of this in this video!