The mission of the Music & Worship Ministry here at HPC is to use the God-given gift of music to bring praise, honor, and glory to our holy, righteous, living God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We seek to learn and lead the congregation into a greater knowledge of what true worship is. Our goal is to lead and join the congregation in joyful, reverent worship before His throne through all of the elements of our services. We believe that music, in particular, is a very powerful means of reinforcing the message of the Gospel into our minds and hearts. So we constantly strive to keep the clearest focus on the Giver of this gift, who is worthy of our worship.

Here at HPC we strive to have a blended service, not over-emphasizing one style, voice, or instrument. On any given Sunday you’ll hear ancient and modern hymns, contemporary choruses, and songs that come straight from the Psalms. In our services, we love to lift a unified voice of praise to our great God. This is why the voice of the congregation is the loudest instrument you’ll hear. We do have very talented musicians that lead us with piano, guitar, violin, drum, and other instruments, but our corporate voice is the one we emphasize.

With all of this in mind, we pray that, as God graciously works in and through us, we can help others learn to appreciate, develop, and use their own musical gifts in the service of the Lord and His worshiping church. Our desire is to be instruments used by God, emptied of ourselves, so that our great Savior will be honored, glorified, and magnified by His people in worship.

For more information, visit our music page in the resources section or contact our Director of Worship Patrick Jones