Church in Civil Society Class

The Church in Civil Society

(June 5 – June 26) Taught by Greg Baney

2016 is an election year! We are surrounded by campaign adds, mud-slinging, and talk show
opinions. As we witness the decline in the moral fabric of our society, many Christians wonder what role the church is called to play in this saga. Are we called to pursue legislation that upholds the values of our faith or are we to withdraw from the political and civil process in the firm belief that the realms of church and state are separate? This four-week class is designed to seriously engage these questions and others as we learn together the role of the church in civil society.

LESSON 1- What Is the State? – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 2: What Is The Church? – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 3: What is the Relationship Between the Church & State? – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 4: How Shall We Then Live? – Click Here for the Notes