The Standard of Faith: The Westminster Confession

Taught by Robert Johnson

Hixson Presbyterian Church is a confessional church. This means we subscribe to a document written more than three centuries ago that illustrates essential doctrines of the faith. Far from being stuffy, irrelevant material, the Westminster Confession is a helpful tool for use in personal and communal devotion. To learn more about the teachings of scripture as affirmed by the PCA in general and HPC in particular attend the Spring class on the standard of our faith.

Click Here to View a Copy of the Westminster Confession of Faith

LESSON 1: Introduction & Origins of the Confession- Click here for the notes

LESSON 2: A Faithful Record of Doctrine- Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 3: Of God and the Holy Trinity – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 4: God’s Decrees – Click here for the notes

LESSON 5: Sovereignty & The Doctrines of Grace Part 1

LESSON 6: God’s Perfect Providence

LESSON 7: God’s Providence & The Fall

LESSON 8: God’s Covenants & the Mediator – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 9: The Doctrine of Christ

LESSON 10: Free Will & Effectual Calling

LESSON 11: Justification & Adoption

LESSON 12: Sanctification

LESSON 13: Good Works

LESSON 14: The Law

LESSON 15: Christian Liberty & the Sabbath