How To Know Your Bible

Taught by Josh Huff

Scripture is a living thing, not an inanimate object. By knowing scripture, we come to know God. When we look at His Word, we look at Him. This is why it is important to not simply read our Bibles, but to really know them. The scriptures contain all we need to know God and grow as Christians. The goal of this class is to equip us with the tools needed to mine the depths of the Bible in order to know its truth, thereby knowing God. This is a valuable skill that helps us to teach others, lead family devotions, and answer questions about why we believe what we believe. Each week will cover a different element of this very practical discipline, from knowing how to use Greek and Hebrew (even if it’s all Greek to you) to understanding the difference between poetry and prophecy. We hope you’ll join us as we seek to know God by knowing His Word.

LESSON 1: The Tools of the Trade – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 2: Know Your Bias (Presuppositions and Hermeneutics) – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 3: Knowing Commands – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 4: Knowing Stories – Click Here for the Notes

LESSON 5: Knowing Poetry – Click Here for Notes

LESSON 6: Knowing Prophecy – Click Here for the Notes