Not Ashamed: Confident Evangelism in the 21st Century
Taught by Greg Baney
Spring 2015

This class will address the God-given mission of winsomely engaging unbelievers in our lives and the world around us with the truth of the gospel. Together we will come to appreciate the timeless truth that we are all created by God and live in a world created by God; therefore, it is impossible to believe any other truth claims about the world other than those revealed to us in scripture without our perspective being inconsistent with reality. We will seek to understand spiritually, emotionally and rationally the process of evangelism.

It is the objective of this class, to instill within every believer the confidence to speak Truth into the lives of those with whom we work, learn and play and evangelistically engage our society with the universal Truth claims of scripture.

Lesson 1: Intro: Understanding Our Time – Click here for the notes

Lesson 2: What Is A Christian Worldview? – Click Here for the Notes

Lesson 3: Christ and Culture – Click Here for the Notes

Lesson 4: God the Great Evangelist- Click Here for the Notes

Lesson 5: Fears of Culture- Click Here for the Notes

Lesson 6: The Principles of Engagement: Part 1 – Click Here for the Notes

Lesson 7: The Principles of Engagement: Part 2 – Click Here For The Notes

Lesson 7: Challenging the Heart and Mind