PSALM 78:6

Historical Dates

Gadd Road Facility

March 1967

Hixson Presbyterian Church was formed with 46 charter members

Spring 1969

A five acre parcel of land was given to the church on Gadd Road

June 1969

Ground was broken on the new property

Jan 1970

First service was held in the sanctuary on Gadd Road

Sept 1973

HPC withdrew from the PCUSA given their policies and affiliation with the National Council of Churches and joined with the newly forming Presbyterian Church in America.

Spring 1977

A building expansion was completed, doubling square footage

Spring 1994

Final addition to the Gadd Road property was completed, more than doubling its size

Jackson Mill Facility

Fall 2001

Leadership began pursuing the idea of purchasing land and relocating due to limitations at the current property. Subsequently, 30 acres on Jackson Mill Drive were purchased by the church.

Jan 2009

Hixson Pike property was paid off in full

Nov 2015

Site preparation for a new building began on Jackson Mill property

June 2017

We moved to this property for the expanded community opportunities it provided. Our day school was rebranded and reopened and is now at maximum capacity with a waiting list.

What’s NEXT?

Future Design & Expansion

  • In 2019, leadership began strategizing about what is next for HPC. Building educational space will allow us to capitalize on current growth and expand our ministry and will ultimately put us in a better position to build a sanctuary in the future.
  • Total area proposed = 8,900 sq. ft.
  • Classrooms are ~800 sq. ft., designed for maximum capacity of 25 children
  • One classroom has a stage and operable wall that opens to an adjacent classroom
  • Multipurpose commons next to the kitchen accommodates 60 adults
  • One wing will include an additional bathroom and three adult meeting spaces

Current Activities

  • Conceptional renderings are complete
  • Contract signed with architect 7/5/22
  • Schematic development in progress, scheduled to complete by 11/1/22
  • List of general contractors submitted by architect and in review by the build team
  • Select general contractor by 12/1/22
  • Final design drawings issued by 1/1/23
  • Break ground 3/1/23
  • Move into new facility 3/1/24

NEXT Schedule

Oct 3

A series of newsletters and videos began

thru Oct 26

Officers will reach out to members to solicit feedback and talk about upcoming events

Oct 16

Global Outreach Conference

Oct 23

Leadership pledge announced

Nov 6

Celebration Sunday!


Facts & Figures

It is a stewardship campaign to support the expansion of educational facilities to allow us to capitalize on current growth and expand ministry. Three-year pledges are received and designated for the completion of the facility expansion. Pledge Sunday is October 30.
333 Communicant Members
110 Non communicant members
443 Total Members
In three classes, we have added 35 adults and 42 children.
General Fund | $953,824
Missions | $125,000

Sunday Worship on site 269
Sunday Worship online 91
Nursery 35
Sunday Children Ministry 50
Sunday Youth Ministry 40
Midweek Youth Ministry 25
Midweek Children Ministry 55
Little Seekers Day School 95

Capital Campaign FAQ

  • Our goal is $750,000, our Hallelujah goal is $1,000,000
  • We ask for generous giving to incur as little debt as possible
  • Our total budget is $2.5M
The commitments made will be paid over the next three years.
  • Most members will choose to give a monthly sum over the three-year period.
  • If possible, we ask those who are able to give more up front in the first year.
  • Others may choose to make lump sum gifts.
  • There are creative ways to give assets, property, stock or by an RMD withdrawal.
  • Unless there is a tax benefit for an appreciated asset, sell items you plan to donate and then give.
  • We will secure a construction loan.
  • The capital campaign funds will be used to reduce the amount borrowed.
  • More educational space will allow for growth of children and adult ministries.
  • Our property value has created an economically viable opportunity to support our desire to expand our ministry.
  • We are currently meeting our worship space needs, with an option of two services on Sunday as we grow.
  • This space will help us capitalize on our current growth and posture us to build a sanctuary in the future.
  • We cannot afford to build both a gym and educational space, so we are making a strategic choice. Educational space will provide flexible facilities at a lower cost per sq. ft to meet our ministry needs.
  • The materials we would need to build a gym have long lead times and are costly.
  • Two new classrooms will be suitable for adults and will have a movable wall to create one large room.
  • There will also be a commons area that can accommodate 60 adults.
  • Our day school will be able to support at least 120 children.
  • Yes. The Session has discussed the impacts of the current economic environment. Based on our cash holdings, current equity, and current giving, we feel that we are in a position to support this endeavor.
  • We will assess our assumptions after we complete the capital campaign and receive the construction estimate from the general contractor.
  • Ultimately, we are trusting the Lord for the results while being responsible with the funds He is providing.

What can you do?

First, you can pray. We believe that God answers prayer and that He is able to do all things! This project has many components and many people working together to make it happen. Please pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and provision, as well as for all those laboring behind the scenes.

Second, if you are asked to serve, please prayerfully accept. When meetings and events are announced, you can attend and take part. Our church is a community and this campaign is a community effort.

Finally, begin now to consider how God has blessed you and how you can support the growth of the ministry.


Steve Hutchings


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Prayer Team


Communications Team


Campaign Coordinator


Small Group Engagement


Special Events

Mandie Burris
Alisa Gillis

Children Involvement

Participate in NEXT

Typical commitments you can make over a 156-week period:

$20 $87 $1,040 $3,120
$30 $130 $1,560 $4,680
$40 $173 $2,080 $6,240
$75 $325 $3,900 $11,700
$100 $433 $5,200 $15,600
$300 $1,300 $15,600 $46,800
$500 $2,167 $26,000 $78,000
$1,000 $4,333 $52,000 $156,000
$2,000 $8,667 $104,000 $312,000

My Commitment

Mark your calendar for October 30th. Our church family will turn in our commitment cards together in celebration of God’s leading us through this journey. Then we will take the next step as we put our faith in action and watch God fulfill His vision for our church.  (Pledges must be turned in by Thursday, November 3rd to be included in our Celebration Sunday announcement on November 6th).

Ready to pledge now?

If you’re ready to participate in giving to NEXT, please fill out the following commitment card.

    Understanding that all I/we possess is a gift from God, I/we rejoice in the privilege to participate in Next at Hixson Presbyterian Church. Please choose one of the following options:

    x 156 weeks

    x 36 months

    to be paid

    (to be completed by persons making commitments other than cash)

    By submitting this form, I/we acknowledge my/our intent to fulfill my/our commitment. However, I/we understand this commitment may be altered as circumstances warrant.