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Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered outdoor adventure program that emphasizes and teaches biblical moral values. The Church owns and operates the Troop through selecting its adult leaders and integrating the Troop into the life of the Church by involving the boys in mission trips, service projects and/or other ministry or ceremonial purposes. The outdoor adventures can include, depending on the ages of the boys hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing, whitewater, rock climbing, rappelling, cave exploration, mountain biking and many more activities. The troop can be made up of three main units: Woodlands (K thru 5th), Navigators (6th thru 8th), and Adventurers (9th thru 12th). The Woodlands are further divided into three age patrols: Foxes (K thru 1st grade), Hawks (2nd thru 3rd grade), and Mountain Lions (4th thru 5th grade). The faith aspect is woven all through the program and there are special faith strengthening exercises for all ages. A key part of the program is the statement of faith which must be signed by all adult leaders.

Trail Life Vision, Mission, Motto, and Oath


Troop Tn 1967 meets three to four times a month on Mondays. The meetings start at 6:15 pm and are one and a half hours long. The purpose of the meetings is to teach valuable outdoor and life skills, to plan upcoming events, and to have fun. An important part of the meeting is to increase our knowledge of God.


Each month there will be an age appropriate “Hit the Trail” event. Depending on the age group, the event can consist of activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, outdoor adventures and trips to museums or other learning experiences. Sometimes the entire troop will be together on the same event. At other times individual groups will be on their own adventure. See our calendar for upcoming events.

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