Middle School Missions Blog: Rachel Hutchings

Hey guys! It's Rachel Hutchings here to tell you about the experience we've had in Auburn/Opelika this week. So far we've had a great time here at Radius Camp and we hope to have a great rest of the week, too.

So to start off a regular day, we wake up at the wee hours of morning (like 7:00) to get ready for the coming day. Following that is breakfast then morning worship, then at 9:15 we leave for our mission sites. We've mostly been working with Exodus Ranch and doing good ole manual labor. But when we're not working we're bonding with the foster children that are living there. I've had a wonderful experience talking to and bonding with the kids through games and conversations during our breaks.

After we get back we have free time for taking showers and getting ready for dinner. After dinner we play arena games (Go Blue Team!) then have evening worship. The final events of the day include church group devotion time, late-night snack, then at 10:30 it's finally lights out. I hope you enjoyed my blog!