HPC Youth Happenings: Reformation Day Edition

Dear Parents, Students and Volunteers, 
Happy 500th Anniversary of the Reformation! How should you celebrate? I highly recommend walking around your neighborhood, going door to door, and asking neighbors for candy. You could maybe even dress up in a costume too. That would be fun. For other creative ways to celebrate the Reformation, watch the weekly Youth video later today...
In case you missed it last week, this December and early January I will have the opportunity to take a Sabbatical, which the Session of HPC has offered as a time of renewal and refreshment for my family and I. 
What does that mean? Read all about it in this letter. 
Here's what else is happening: 
2. The Early Deadline for Uberfreezin has passed. But you can still reserve a spot as long as you pay your $50 deposit by November 12th! 
  • Sign up and pay online here to reserve your spot!  (Or pay in person by check or cash)
  • Here is the cost breakdown:
    • Skiers: $275
    • Snowboarders: $300
    • Non Skiers/Boarders: $175
  • There is FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE! Please don't hesitate to ask me about getting some financial assistance! 
Only a payment can guarantee a spot on a retreat.  
3. Parents' Night Out is Friday, November 17th! 
4. Dig is tomorrow (Wednesday), November 1st from 6:30 - 7:45 
5. This weekend is GOC weekend at HPC! 
  • During Sunday School, all middle and high school youth in attendance will hear from Jerry Harwood (former HPC Youth Pastor and current Bible in the Schools Teacher) and John Mark Scruggs (RUF Pastor at UTC)
  • All youth should meet in the high school room for Sunday School
6. Underground is BACK this Sunday, November 5th from 5 - 6:30! 
7. Christmas Parties: 
  • High School Christmas Party: Friday, December 8th at the Landreths' home
  • Middle School Christmas Party: Friday, December 15th at the McAfees' home 
  • I have changed the form to also include a Media Release...it is still just one form 
  • Every student needs one of these...just fill them out and return them to the Church Office
  • They don't have to be notarized
  • Hard copies are available in the church foyer
  • The form can be found online here
9. Parents... We need someone to bring snacks for Underground this Sunday night! 
10. Mentoring Program 
  • 15 adults have gone through training to become youth mentors at HPC
  • The goal is for each adult to meet with a student on a regular basis for one-on-one discipleship 
  • We hope that many of our students will get to take advantage of this. 
  • In the near future, someone may contact you (parents) about meeting one-on-one with your son or daughter
  • If you would like more information about the program, give me a call!
In Christ,
Morgan Lusk
HPC Youth Guy

The HPC Youth Ministry equips students to trust Jesus as their Cornerstone, make God's Word their Foundation, and Invest their lives in God's Kingdom Mission.