HPC Youth Happenings: 10/24/17

Dear Parents, Students and Volunteers, 
This December and early January will be a very new and exciting experience for the Lusk family! That's because I have the opportunity to take a Sabbatical, which the Session of HPC has offered as a time of renewal and refreshment for my family and I. 
Here's what else is happening: 
  • The deadline to register has passed. Here are the students interested registered for this retreat: 
Brenden Ball            Sydney Beard           Charis Huff           Rachel Hutchings          Faith Isbell             
Kirby Johnson          Arysa Kayasit         Dylan Loftin             AJ McAfee                  Garrett Parker 
Alee Pope                Alex Pope
Worship Team: Apsara Beard, Devin Brown, Anna Hutchings, Emily Johnson
If for some reason your name is not on this list but you feel it should be, give me a call ASAP to see if we can work it out! 
2. The Early Deadline for Uberfreezin has passed. But you can still reserve a spot as long as you pay your $50 deposit by November 12th! 
  • Sign up and pay online here to reserve your spot!  (Or pay in person by check or cash)
  • Here is the cost breakdown:
    • Skiers: $275
    • Snowboarders: $300
    • Non Skiers/Boarders: $175
  • There is FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE! Please don't hesitate to ask me about getting some financial assistance! 
Only a payment can guarantee a spot on a retreat.  
3. Parents' Night Out is Friday, November 17th! 
  • This is a fundraiser for youth mission trips
  • We really need parents to come and help with this fundraiser!

4. There will be a Parents' Night Out Pizza Planning Party tomorrow (Wednesday) October 25th at 5:45! 
  • All students who would like to help plan PNO should come!
5. Dig is tomorrow (Wednesday), October 25th from 6:30 - 7:45 
6. There is NO Underground this Sunday, October 29th due to the 50th Anniversary Banquet 
7. Save these dates for future events: 
  • High School Christmas Party: Friday, December 8th 
  • I have changed the form to also include a Media Release...it is still just one form 
  • Every student needs one of these...just fill them out and return them to the Church Office
  • They don't have to be notarized
  • Hard copies are available in the church foyer
  • The form can be found online here
10. Mentoring Program 
  • 15 adults have gone through training to become youth mentors at HPC
  • The goal is for each adult to meet with a student on a regular basis for one-on-one discipleship 
  • We hope that many of our students will get to take advantage of this. 
  • In the near future, someone may contact you (parents) about meeting one-on-one with your son or daughter
  • If you would like more information about the program, give me a call!
In Christ,
Morgan Lusk
HPC Youth Guy

The HPC Youth Ministry equips students to trust Jesus as their Cornerstone, make God's Word their Foundation, and Invest their lives in God's Kingdom Mission.