Global Outreach

Global Outreach


Each year, we host a Global Outreach Conference where we engage with missionaries and various speakers. Our next GOC weekend is September 14-15, 2019. To see talks from past years, click on the links below.

2018 - Dr. Brian Fikkert

2017 - Dr. Lloyd Kim

2016 - Missionary Steven Edging

2015 - Rev. Bob Hayes

2014 - Rev. Robert Johnson, part of a series, Unashamed Sharing the Gospel

2013 - Dr. Kefa Sempangi

2012 - Rev. John Southworth

2012 - Joel Hamernick


Here's Who We Have Supported Throughout The Years


What You Do By Giving to HPC’s Missions Budget

HPC’s ministry is multiplied throughout the world by the sacrificial praying, giving, and going of our congregation. Presently, through congregational giving, we are able to support 18 individual missionaries and 7 organizations that minister on 5 continents (every continent except Australia and Antarctica). Of these, 5 organizations labor right here in the Chattanooga area. We are also able to grant one-time gifts to these and other individuals or organizations that have special ministry needs.

The Global Outreach Committee is also able to sponsor annual missions conferences, short-term missions trips, and various interactions with visiting missionaries.

Global Outreach Committee: Ben Jones (Chairman), Robert Johnson, Chris Armstrong, Cindy DeMoss, Carolyn Hayes, Jon Hoppe, Ruth Stimart, Jan Purdy, Vicki Suttle, and Jim Swearingen