Sunday School - Children

Sunday School - Children

For remote Sunday School, we will be sharing curriculum and links here on this page as well as in our HPC Kids Facebook group


1st grade and below

Show Me Jesus Curriculum "Jesus is God" series

Using this quarter of material, we will be following the life of Jesus to see that he is truly God, exploring stories that will encourage us all during this time. Lessons include:

Jesus calming the storm (good reminder of his power over creation)
Healing the man at the pool, a blind man, a crippled man (don’t we all need to know Jesus our Healer?)
Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life (Jesus’ care and mercy for his own)
And the gospel story—Jesus' resurrection from the dead (use on Easter)

Sunday, March 22: Jesus turns water into wine

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Sunday, March 29: Jesus calms the storm

This week the focus is "Jesus teaches us to trust him to take care of us all the time." In these weeks of craziness I needed to be reminded of this truth and I pray you will find it encouraging as well. 

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Palm Sunday, April 5: Jesus feeds the 5000

I know that this week is Palm Sunday, and while the quarter we are doing does not include a Palm Sunday lesson, I thought some of you might like to tell the story to your kids. If so, the Scripture reference is Mark 11:1-10 and below are some activities. Otherwise, this week is Jesus feeds the 5000! 

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Palm Sunday Activities


2nd/3rd grade

Children Desiring God-The ABC's of God

Sunday, April 5: Z for ZEALOUS

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4th/5th grade

G2R Curriculum- 1 Samuel to Esther 

Sunday, March 22: Lesson 5

Lesson, Student activities

Sunday, March 29: Lesson 6

Lesson, Student activities

Sunday, April 5: Lesson 7

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Sunday mornings


Our desire for our infant and toddlers is to provide a safe and loving environment for our littlest ones. Our staff will rock, feed, walk, and play with the infants and toddlers. They will have praise music so they can sing and dance!

For ages 2 through 5th grade, our Sunday School lessons are scripturally sound and taught by knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Our goal is to see our children grow in their faith through solid teaching and fun hands-on activities.

We use the Show Me JesusChildren Desiring God curriculums. These are both scripturally sound curriculums. God has called knowledgable teachers to work with our children during this hour. It is an exciting time in which children learn Bible verses, more about a God who dearly loves them and enjoy hands-on activities which provide deeper understanding of the lessons.