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The Men's Cookout- A Story of Ribs


Thank you to all who came to the Men’s Cookout. It was a great evening to be together and enjoy some of the manlier things in our world, namely football and BBQ ribs. If you couldn’t make it, here is a taste of what happened:

The sun was in its final hours before dipping below the horizon. A comfortable breeze was blowing, and the clouds were gathered to provide shade and rest from a week of hot temperatures. As the daylight waned, they came. In ones and twos, bringing gifts of green bean casserole and strawberry cobbler. Chips, dips, brownies, and fruit abounded as the men arrived, hungry to begin the feast. In the distance, the skeleton of a new church rose over the eastern horizon, watching as the men gathered. They were summoned by the sounds of the Tide and the Black Bear engaged in battle. As the twilight hour began the men were restless. The one thing they all craved had yet to arrive. The focus of the feast, the master of the meats, the prized pork, was nowhere to be seen. Then it happened. First a murmur, then a shout! Man called to man to look and see. One by one every eye turned to gaze beyond the skeletal beast to see the meat descending into the group like a loaf of barley into the camp of the Midianites. The ribs had arrived.

As the food emerged from its chariot, carried aloft by its master, a smell washed over the crowd- a smell that whispered of summer, smoke, and subtle spices. The rib, the first bone ever mentioned in all of recorded history, took its place at the head of the table and a silence fell over the assembly. A prayer was spoken and eager feet rushed to partake in the feast. Tales were told, forecasts of football futures were debated, and the ribs were eaten. A brave group went to explore the great iron beast that rose out of the ground, bonds were formed as fans of the SEC watched the game, and still more ribs were eaten. Deeds of daring were compared, goblets of sweet tea and Coke were shared, and still more ribs were eaten.

As the daylight faded and the battle between the crimson and the red and blue came to a head, few had left the feast, for the ribs had yet to be vanquished, and there was still time on the clock. But in the end each man had their fill. None went away hungry. There were enough ribs left to fill the bellies of 30 men, even as 30 had attempted to devour them all. But there were no regrets. All went away satisfied, but still hungering for the next feast…

That’s basically what happened. There was a ton of great food, delicious ribs, an impromptu tour of the new building, and a great football game on the screen. Our men’s ministry is all about facilitating the development of Christ-like men, and a big part of that is having strong bonds with other Christ-like men. That certainly happened on Saturday night. We look forward to hosting you all again. Men, make sure to mark your calendars for the next Men’s Breakfast (October 29) and the College Football Championship Game Night (January 9). We’ll see you then.

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