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HPC Resources: Youth Ministry

Here are some resources I've been reading or interacting with recently:

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

I keep going back and reading parts of this article from The Atlantic. As someone who loves technology and my phone, I also have to be honest with how those things are impacting me and changing me. This article is challenging as I think about my own relationship with technology and also how to help students navigate this strange, new world. 

Along with this article, the website/campaign has a lot of good resources for parents figuring out how to regulate their students' exposure to smartphones and its effects.

How to Parent in the Age of the Momo Challenge

The "Momo Challenge" was all over the news two weeks ago. It's been shown to have been false but in the wake of the public outcry and news, people have begun to put videos out on to platforms that have turned the report true. This post from the ERLC helps me as a parent and as I work with students at HPC.

The Top Ten Reasons Today's Teens Lack Sleep and What to Do

The reports of the rise in anxiety and depression in today's teenager are alarming. There are many factors at play as to why this is happening but one of the most basic causes of this rise is a lack of adequate sleep. This article points that out and talks about practical ways to address it.

Hopefully you find these resources helpful, and I'd love to hear any feedback you may have on them.