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HPC Resources: Outreach

I don't know if you struggle with evangelism as I do.  I am often afraid I will say the wrong thing, that I will offend, or that they will think less of me or worse, the church.  In the video linked below, Tim Keller gives some good advice as we think about personal evangelism.  What are practical ways to do it?  He covers this.  Keller says we can:
1. Tell people you go to church
2. Talk about where Christ has helped me overcome or deal with difficult aspects of life
3. Become familiar with the transformative power of the gospel in your own life as well as the life of others. 
He also discusses the balance of word and deed ministry.  I found it helpful and encouraging and hope you do the same.  
Practical step:  Pray that the Lord would open doors for you to share about the upcoming Easter activities at HPC with your friends and family, especially if they are not Jesus followers.