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Bethel Bible Village Supplies

For the next several weeks we have the opportunity to donate food, supplies, and infant care items for Bethel Bible Village. These can be dropped off in the large white barrels in the foyer. Here is the list of needed items. The items in bold are the most needed.

 Dry Boxed Cereal  Grits  Pop Tarts
 Canned Fruits, Large  Canned Creamed Soups  Canned Tomatoes
 Tomato Paste  Rotel  Dried Fruit
 Coffee (cans or bags)  Cornbread Mix  Biscuit & Pancake Mix
 Muffin Mix  Powdered Gravy Mix  Spices & Seasonings
 Spaghetti Sauce  Alfredo Sauce  Salsa
 Frozen Chicken*  Frozen Vegetables*  Condiments
Sweetened Condensed
& Evaporated Milk
Jellies (Strawberry
is favorite)
 Syrup  Crackers  Vanilla Wafers
 Granola Bars  Snack Crackers  Snack Cakes
 Microwave Popcorn  Ziploc bags (all sizes)  Heavy Duty Foil
 Bottled Water  Drink Mixes (gallon sizes)  Sports Drinks
 Toilet Paper  Paper Towels  Cleaning Wipes
 Bleach  Laundry Detergent (liquid)  

 *Frozen items limited by space

Baby Items

 Baby Food  Infant Formula  Diapers - Size 4 & Up
 Pullup Diapers  Laundry Detergent  Wipes
 Bath Gels  Diaper Rash Ointments