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Promise 5- The Lion of Judah

"The Lion of Judah has conquered"- another promise fulfilled and another testimony to God's faithfulness. Jesus is the great King of kings, but He didn't come from the tribe you may have suspected....

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Promise 4- Heirs According to Promise

Whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, if you are in Christ then you are an heir according to the promises made to Abraham. This fact is a little fuzzy in the Old Testament, but becomes crystal clear in the New....

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Promise 3- Gracious Blessing

What made Abraham so special? Why did God choose to bless him? While some of God's choices are hard to understand, there is no mystery behind this one. God chose Abraham because He wanted to....

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Promise 2- Saved from Destruction

The promise God made to Noah goes beyond a reprieve from worldwide flooding. It shows us that God is in charge of His creation and nothing can keep Him from sustaining it through His Son....

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Promise 1- The Defeat of the Serpent

In 2015 our congregation will be reading through the promises of God each week. This is the first promise we will read in our worship service regarding the defeat of the Devil through the work of Christ....

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