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Why an Assurance of Pardon?

When God hears the prayer of a repentant sinner, forgiveness always happens. Our confession, rooted in the Biblical promises of God’s grace, always ends with the assurance that our sins have been pardoned. We celebrate this reality each week in our service during the “assurance of pardon”....

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Why a Prayer of Confession?

Confession of sin is a necessary part of our worship. We are an unclean people, coming to God with unclean lips and hearts. God doesn't desire fancy clothes and cleaned up people. He desires a repentant heart, and this is why we confess....

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Why a Call to Worship?

Each Sunday we are called to worship, but why is this needed? Too often we get wrapped up in our own little worlds, even on Sunday at church. The call to worship shifts our gaze from us to our Creator and gets us ready to come before Him in service....

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Why Do We Greet Each Other?

One of the first things we do at church is greet one another. We aren't just being polite when this happens. We are following in the pattern laid down by the early church, connecting with each other in a very unique way, and preparing our hearts for our time of corporate worship....

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Why do we do what we do Sunday?

Over the next several months I’ll be writing about why we do what we do in our worship service. We’ll be diving into scripture for our foundation and into church history to help with our interpretation. I hope you’ll find it instructive and helpful as we all seek to worship God in the way He tells us....

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